99.9% of sole traders don’t feel government supports them

Ahead of the chancellor's Autumn Statement today, new study calls for Osborne "to show his commitment to the UK's micro-business sector"

With the 2015 Autumn Statement set to be announced at 12:30pm today, 99.9% of UK sole traders have revealed that they don’t believe the government supports them or  understands their needs.

The “shock” finding comes from a survey by Crunch Accounting which asked 1,000 sole traders and those employing up to 10 employees; “Do you feel the current government is supportive of, and understands, one-person businesses?” – only one business owner responded in favour of the government’s approach.

Crunch said the “alarming result” will present an opportunity for chancellor George Osborne to “show his commitment to the micro-business sector today”.

Jason Kitcat, ambassador of Crunch, commented: “The autumn statement is an opportunity for the government to recover from a crisis in confidence within the micro-business sector.

“With 8.4 million people working in the micro-business [and sole trader] sector we believe there is a huge opportunity for government to work with our sector to boost the economy and build relationships.”


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