A quick guide to effective management

Management style makes or breaks a business – a good manager earns respect from staff, and is both fair and approachable.
The background

There’s no magic formula to effective management skills – it’s a continual learning process and you will never reach a point when you can say you have learnt all you need to learn.

The process

To build an effective management style, start as you mean to go on. Above all, be natural – don’t try to be or become someone you are not. Put clear standards in place and ensure all staff are aware of these – people don’t like surprises and will respond more positively if set rules are in place. Effective management skills are about ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them. Consider asking your staff to set out the standards they expect and then go through these with them – giving them ownership means they will have already bought into the management process. Look back on your career and think about the managers you reported to. What qualities did you like and can you emulate these?

Need to know

Effective managers always give feedback openly – this creates an environment of trust and encourages staff to be open with you in return. And not all feedback is critical – it’s just as important to comment when someone has done something right.

Top tips

To build effective management skills, ensure that you hold regular meetings with your staff – both team and individual ones. Set targets for the next month and examine any issues that arise – this will enable you to revisit how effective your management skills are and if you need to vary your management style.

Effective management skills also mean knowing when to admit you have made a mistake – it will ensure the rest of your staff don’t do this and will also make you more human.


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