A school drop-out’s recruitment platform for millennials has raised £700,000

yourfeed, founded by 23-year-old Jack Parsons, helps young people and NEETS into the workplace

yourfeed, an online recruitment platform for young people and NEETS, has raised £700,000 in funding ahead of its launch today.

Founded by 23-year-old Jack Parsons, the site aims to help out-of-work millennials or those without a degree, or even GSCEs, gain employment.

Connecting users to relevant brands and employers, the app helps millennials access networking and upskilling opportunities.

Positing itself against the likes of LinkedIn, which traditionally has served a much more older user-base, yourfeed's algorithm matches employers with its users based on submitted skills and interests – eliminating the need for CVs and covering letters.

With Facebook, Google, The Big Issue and The Training Room all already signed up – the London-based start-up also hopes to teach corporates about how to nurture and train emerging talent.

The idea for yourfeed comes from Parson's own experiences when entering the job market.

Having left school at the age of 16 with no qualifications of any kind, the young entrepreneur says he was told by teachers he had no prospects – especially without a degree.

When applying for jobs, Parsons found he was immediately dismissed from the hiring process after potential employers realised he hadn't obtained a university degree.

Currently, 1.3 million millennials in the UK spend six months or more not in employment, education or training – with this same group same group expected to make up part of the 75% millennial workforce by 2025.

Parsons, who plans to make yourfeed one of the main recruitment resources in the UK and beyond, said:

“Young people are often unfairly missing out on even getting an interview because of out-dated recruitment screening processes and an over-emphasis on paper qualifications.”

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