A tribute to the life and legacy of Steve Jobs

Our guest blogger Daniel Priestley pays his respects to the Apple co-founder

Without a doubt Steve Jobs will go down in history as the greatest creative entrepreneur, rivalled only by Thomas Edison.

He is one of only a handful of people to ever build more than one business worth over a billion dollars and his creations have been revolutionary.

After creating the first personal computers and building a billion dollar company while still in his twenties, Jobs was fired from Apple at age 30 for being too disruptive.

Steve Jobs started NeXT and developed imaging technology that was ahead of its time. He also saw promise in a small animation business called Pixar and acquired it from George Lucas. He sunk the last of his money into the business to release Toy Story, a blockbuster success at the box office. After growing and merging his second billion dollar company, he became the single largest shareholder of Disney.

He then returned to the stagnating Apple Corporation in 1997, where he rescued the business from insolvency by creating the iMac, a computer that looked like something that you wanted to play on.

In an unexpected turn, he focused Apple’s creative team on changing the game for the music industry with the innovative iTunes and iPod combination. In doing so he added billions to Apple’s sales and resurrected the failing technology giant.

From strength to strength he went on to use the innovations he pioneered after being fired to create the most respected opperating system in personal computing and bring the Mac range of computers back to life.

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After that, he set about creating a device that would fundamentally put a computer in your pocket as well as a phone. Some say the iPhone has become the most game-changing device since the PC. Today we can’t imagine life without a smartphone for maps, searches, games, music and of course calls.

Not content to rest up despite his cancer, Steve led the innovation team that would create the world’s fastest selling technology device; the iPad. Not only a groundbreaking device, but when matched up with the App Store it sparked a new wave of creativity in software development worldwide.

Under the visionary gaze of Steve Jobs, Apple has become the world’s most respected brand for innovation.

In under 10 years of Steve Jobs’ tenure his business bounced back from the edge of bankruptcy to become the world’s most iconic brand.

This inspiring entrepreneur has transformed the way the world relates to computers, software, movies, music, phones, books, magazines and screens.

Not only has Steve Jobs’ story inspired millions of entrepreneurs, his innovations have become the platform of choice for some of the most creative people on the planet as well.

His most lasting legacy will not be his success at Apple or Pixar. It is the culture of innovation that he’s infused into society and the future innovators that he has enabled, empowered and emboldened.

I never met him but I will never forget him. He will inspire me for the rest of my life. Rest Peacefully Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011   


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