Acronis announces new cloud backup software for small firms

System will have capacity to handle rapid surges in data needs, company claims

Data backup and recovery specialist Acronis today announced the release of Acronis Storage, a software-defined cloud backup platform with the ability to handle large volumes of data.

The software, which is designed for the archival and recovery of essential business data, will allow multiple users to manage their storage accounts on Acronis’ remote servers.

Acronis claims its software-based backup system represents a cost-effective and reliable alternative to traditional hardware-based methods of data backup in which information is stored locally on disks.

It says the software is ideal for fast-growing small businesses, which can rapidly increase the amount of storage they use through the software without additional investment in costly infrastructure.

Acronis says its new product is particularly aimed at IT and web hosting companies, for whom unplanned downtime and data loss can constitute a particular problem for their business.


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