Adding a shopping cart to your business website

What are shopping carts and how do they enhance customer experience?

A shopping cart is a page on the site where visitors can store one or more items before they actually commit to buying them. It lets consumers purchase more than one item from your website in one transaction. Shopping costs can be relatively inexpensive or even free depending on what kind of e-commerce software package you go with.

An online shopping cart gathers up items in the same way that an actual shopping basket or trolley would. The difference is an online cart will calculate the total value and added delivery costs.

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Shopping carts can clearly improve the user-experience of an e-commerce site and they add an element of functionality you would be foolish not to consider for your site.

Carts can be added to your site relatively easily, even if you don’t have a boxed e-commerce package. Many carts can be incorporated into your site by adding some simple code to the links on your site that passes the product information straight into the basket.



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