Additional home office tools

Computers aren't the only thing you'll need to run a business from home

Your computer and phone will probably form the backbone of your home office, but there’s plenty of other pieces of office equipment that will come in handy, some of which will be essential. You’ll also probably need:

  • A printer – think about whether you need to do any printing. If you have constant access to the data on a home PC, you might not need to print much at all. However, if you will be doing a lot of printing, think about the various costs involved before making a purchase. For example, ink-jet printers are cheap to buy but replacement cartridges are expensive.
  • A scanner – scanners allow you to copy photographs and documents onto a computer. For example, you may need to email your driving licence to a car rental business. A scanner would allow you to copy your driving licence onto a computer. Some scanners also come with photocopying features
  • A data backup device – you will need a way to back up your data and to store it away from your home. Many PCs now come with a built in CD/DVD drive that can create backup data sets. You may also want to purchase a USB pen drive which is a very cheap and effective way of transferring data
  • A copier – although if your needs are light you might be able to make do with access to one at a local shop or library.
  • A shredder – especially if you deal with confidential material.
  • Cables – even so-called ‘wireless’ equipment needs cables.
  • Lighting – we suggest you invest in task lighting that can be angled precisely to your work area ensuring you do not get glare from your computer screen.

Source: Setting up a home office

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