AIM-listed companies contribute £14.7bn to UK economy

Analysis finds London Stock Exchange’s growth market is now one of the most successful in the world

Businesses listed on the London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) Alternative Investments Market (AIM) have directly contributed almost £15bn to the UK economy, new research by Grant Thornton reports.

Said to reflect the junior market’s contribution to the country’s economy, the analysis found that over its 20 year history more than 3,580 companies have listed on AIM; raising £39.5bn at admission and further fundraising amounting to £51bn.

According to the research there are currently around 1,088 companies trading on AIM, of which 80% are UK-based, and in 2013 these companies employed a total of 430,000 people and contributed tax payments of £2.3bn.

Despite London’s reputation as a hub for dynamic growth companies, the survey also found that almost half of the businesses currently listed on the junior market are based outside of the capital.

Head of AIM, Marcus Stuttard, said the findings show that AIM is now one of the most successful growth markets in the world:

“This report demonstrates that the market’s value extends far beyond the support it provides to ambitious, entrepreneurial companies across the UK.

“The figures revealed by Grant Thornton’s research present a picture of a market that serves not just its quoted companies and their advisers, but the country as a whole. As we enter AIM’s third decade, it is essential that we continue to build on this success, providing dynamic companies with the support they need to create jobs and growth for the UK.”


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