Albion Ventures

Focused on tech, healthcare, and property-based firms, meet the venture capital fund which has over £240m to invest in small and medium businesses

Fund name: Albion Ventures LLP
Investor category: Venture capital
Based in: London


The fund is a partnership formed by the former Close Ventures management team following Albion’s acquisition of Close Ventures Limited from Close Brothers Group in 2009.

Investment criteria:

Albion Ventures typically invests between £1m and £10m in small and medium businesses; ranging from technology-focused companies to service and asset based businesses, and has invested in more than 90 businesses. Its larger investments tend to be more property-based such as pubs, hotels and care homes while its smaller rounds will lean towards businesses with growth potential such as Series A, B and C rounds in technology start-ups, pharmaceutical firms and environmental businesses, such as former Startups Awards winner Abcodia. Investee companies will need to have clear differentiation, a strong management team with a good track record, and a clear implementation strategy.

Size of fund:

Manages £245m across six venture capital trusts (VCTs).

Portfolio company:

Albion often invests in the healthcare space with Young Gun-founded PayasUgym one of its current investee companies. The VC firm participated in a £1.6m Series B round in the ‘pay as you go’ gym start-up in May 2014 and Albion’s deputy managing partner Will Fraser-Allen joined the company’s board. Launched in September 2011, PayasUgym has grown to become one of the UK’s largest fitness networks with over 1,700 gyms and 100,000 registered users.

Featured deals:

  • PayasUgym
  • Proveca
  • Dragon Hydro Ltd
  • Bravo Inns


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