Alliance & Leicester launches ‘best UK business account’

Bank claims new account offers unbeatable services to startups

Alliance & Leicester has launched a new account which it claims is the best startup business account available in the banking market.

The Business Builder Account offers 18 months’ free banking, no monthly limits on the amount of transactions and a host of other features.

Designed for small firms that have a turnover of up to £500,000, Alliance & Leicester insisted the account was the best available to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs will be hoping that the new account will force other banks to drop transaction fees and other costs which have seen many small firms complain about the quality of service they receive from their banks.

Although banks are now required to pay out interest on business accounts, research has shown that many firms are still unhappy with the high cost and poor service they encounter from their account providers.

The government introduced several regulations last year to combat the problem, demanding that banks speed up the process of switching accounts, provide better information to customers and drop excessive fees.

Andrew Cucksey, of Alliance & Leicester, said that he was confident that anyone looking to start their own business will not find a better account anywhere.

“Many banks claim to offer ‘free banking’, some even boldly claim ‘free banking forever’ but look at the conditions they attach and will see that it is not always the case. Our new account offers genuinely free banking – with no strings attached,” he said.

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