Alternative domain extensions could impact click-through rates and SEO

Consumers less likely to click on newer domains such as .eu and .biz, which could negatively affect brand reputation and sales

Website domain extensions that are not .com or are viewed with more suspicion than traditional URL’s and may negatively affect click-through rates and indirectly impact SEO, according to research from Varn.

The digital marketing agency asked 1,000 UK adults if they trusted traditional and .com domains more than newer domains such as .eu, .biz, .fashion, .london and .digital.

70.5% of respondents admitted that they trusted traditional domains more than newer alternatives, with the younger generation (aged 25-34) a lot less trusting than those aged between 55 and 64 (77.6% against 61%).

.com and domains can be expensive, meaning many businesses opt for more affordable alternatives that are given equal ranking by search engines. However, the survey suggests that consumers are less likely to click these newer extensions, which could damage brand reputation and ultimately sales.