Alternative QR code start-up Quikkly secures $1m just one month after launch

Initial Capital leads funding in app which allows you to create your own action tag and “connect instantly”

London marketing start-up Quikkly is celebrating early success after securing $1m from Initial Capital and a group of angel investors just one month after its official launch.

Hoping to “make the real world clickable”, Quikkly is a free app which enables you to create and scan an action tag and then “connect instantly” without having to click on anything; as opposed to standard QR codes which bring you to a page and aren’t actionable.

Users can print out and add their own tags to just about anything be it a brochure, business card, sticker or magazine – said to be the “next generation of sharing” –to generate a response to start a video, play a song, follow a celebrity on Twitter and so on.

It’s expected that the investment will see further development of Quikkly’s offering in the New Year.

Could Quikkly mark the end of the QR code? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. sounds quite interesting idea, but I have 2 questions about it:

    1) does it re-implement processing of the well established QR coding standard, or have they devised an entirely new standard? And if its a new standard, is it open ? and why not just build on the existing standard?

    2) it’s a free app (no surprise there). so what are their prospective revenue streams? That’s even more essential than having a good idea.

    I’m also thinking it might make QR-type links more usable, but then what about rogue/malicious codings – at least the current 2-step process gives you the ability to double-check on the action you are about to perform.