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Amazon Business account

Allowing you to compare and buy hundreds of millions of products, an Amazon Business account streamlines purchase and delivery for companies of all sizes

What is Amazon Business?

Launched in 2015, Amazon Business is a competitive marketplace for B2B products.

It functions just like the regular version of Amazon, but offers a variety of business-tailored features that streamline purchase and delivery for companies of all sizes.

Anyone from a sole trader to a large company can search, compare, and buy from over 250 million products.

The service is now live in eight markets around the world – including the UK, Spain, France, Germany, and the US – and pulled in a staggering $10bn in 2018.

Millions of business customers across the world are already using Amazon Business accounts, taking advantage of:

  • Business-only pricing and products – enjoy access to exclusive discounts and products
  • Quantity pricing – price breaks on multi-unit purchases
  • Amazon fulfillment – choose how and when you want products delivered
  • Pallet shipping – orders of a minimum size can be delivered to business' doors via pallet

These are just a few of the benefits of an Amazon Business account. Below, we explain the key features on offer that can help streamline your operations.

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How does Amazon Business work?

The service is effectively a “reverse auction”, where multiple sellers compete to offer the best deals on particular products for businesses.

Once you have signed up for a free account, you can start buying products and using exclusive business features, including:

Flexible payment options and competitive pricing

Amazon Business can keep your purchasing costs lower thanks to flexible payment options and competitive pricing.

  • Easily compare prices for alternative products across a range of affordability
  • Improve cash flow with Pay By Invoice, which provides the option to buy now and pay in net 30 days after shipping
  • Reduce delivery costs with free one-day delivery on qualifying orders over £30 for Amazon Prime users
  • Hassle-free returns to reduce wasteful spending

Supplier and VAT management

Save time and effort using a familiar marketplace, and have more time to focus on growing your business:

  • Supplier management helps you spend less time searching, negotiating, and managing
  • Compare VAT-exclusive prices and sellers with downloadable VAT invoices
  • Add frequently purchased products to your purchase lists and re-order in a click
  • Speedy approval process directly through Amazon

Account management and analytics

Have full visibility of your business spending in a combined, multi-user account with features to control your team’s spending and what products they can buy.

  • Create buying groups based on your company’s organisational structure, and implement your sign-off process with approval workflows
  • Set spending limits so purchases below a set threshold are automatically approved
  • Guide company spend through catalogue curation, and influence what is bought by creating ‘preferred products’ lists
  • Customise spending reports to track key metrics, identify trends and opportunities, and reduce wasteful spending

Payment solutions and reconciliation

Amazon Business offers a range of features to streamline both payments and reconciliation.

  • Detailed and downloadable invoices when using Pay By Invoice
  • Match the purchase order (PO) number to the receipt, or commercial credit card statement to your company’s accounts
  • Amazon Business Analytics enable you to download customisable reconciliation reports
  • Use existing procurement systems (including Coupa, JAGGER and SAP Ariba) to purchase on Amazon

Who is eligible for an Amazon Business account?

Amazon Business may only be used for business purposes. Anyone applying for an account will be subjected to an approvals process that takes into account some, or all, of the following as verification of eligibility:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • VAT number
  • Business identification number

However, you don’t need a VAT number to use Amazon Business. The field can be left blank at the registration phase and added later, if necessary.

Amazon Business account costs

It is free to create and use an Amazon Business account, and there are no additional fees.

Amazon takes a fee from sellers’ revenue.

Do I need an Amazon Business account to sell on Amazon?

No. You can sell on Amazon without upgrading to the Amazon Business programme.

However, signing up incurs no additional fees, and presents a number of advantages over a regular account. These include:

  • Reach many more business customers
  • Tailor your business offers for free
  • Increase your sales conversion
  • Lower fees on high volume transactions
  • Higher visibility of offers

Business sellers also get access to increased functionality by upgrading to the Amazon Sellers programme, including:

  • Automatic VAT invoicing – save time and effort with Amazon’s new VAT Calculation Service
  • VAT-exclusive price display – provide business customers with EU-wide compliant VAT-exclusive prices to boost sales
  • Enhanced offer visibility – display a special badge to benefit from higher sales conversion
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts – offer exclusive pricing and quantity discounts
  • Exclusive business offers – make certain products and prices available to business customers only
  • Pay by invoice – a key payment option for professional buyers that allows you to benefit from new sales opportunities

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Sign up for an Amazon Business account

An Amazon business account is completely free to use. UK businesses get access to exclusive VAT pricing, downloadable invoices, and analytics reports.

To start creating your account, you will need the following information:

  • Your full legal business name
  • Your business email ID
  • Your business phone number
  • Personal information including your full name and job title

If you have an existing Amazon account, you can convert it into a Business account. Just make sure the email ID associated with the account is also your business email ID.

This will automatically transition your Amazon Prime membership to your business account, and give you Amazon Prime shipping benefits.

Once your account is created, you can start comparing and buying hundreds of millions of products, in categories from laptops and computers to office supplies and safety equipment.

The account creator can then add and remove administrators and team members, granting them approval to make purchases at will.

Sign up to an Amazon Business account here and get 50% off your first £100 spend! View terms and conditions here.

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