An introduction to buying stock online for your business

Can you find your stock online?

As befits their traditional image, wholesalers generally prefer to do their trading on the floor of a warehouse rather than in cyberspace. There are few UK websites dedicated to wholesaling, and even fewer for individual suppliers themselves.

However, this is slowly beginning to change and several websites have been created to allow you to purchase goods online, the most common being sites dedicated to selling pallets of items at knockdown prices.

“When buying online, make sure you know exactly what you are purchasing – read the description thoroughly and study any pictures,” says wholesaling specialist Richard Grady. “If you are not sure, contact the supplier for additional information. Nothing beats a visit to the supplier so that you can see the products before making a purchase.

“Also, use a credit card to make your payment, that way you have a right of recourse via the credit card company if things should go wrong.”

Buying batches or pallets of goods online from wholesalers is different from buying at Amazon, for example, as you may not be entirely sure what you are being sold due to the varied goods on offer in a single purchase. Make sure you have a detailed list of what is on offer and contact the wholesaler if you have any queries.

Although it is wise to exercise caution when purchasing online, you can make big savings as internet sales can often be much cheaper, due to lower overheads, than traditional warehouse buying.

Make sure you have a detailed list of what is on offer.

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