The most powerful ChatGPT prompts used by scaleups

Coachvox.AI founder Jodie Cook suggests small businesses take advantage of ChatGPT to research and ideate growth opportunities.

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When you have your business idea nailed and you’ve been running your company for a while, you might be looking for new inspiration to crank it up a notch. If you’ve gotten bored of your existing operations, feel like you’ve tried every new route, but are still hungry for growth, ChatGPT might unlock the solutions you’re looking for.

Treat every response as a suggestion, not a definitive order. Apply scrutiny, dig deeper, and think about what would happen should you incorporate the methods. Co-create with ChatGPT until you have a route forward that you’re excited to take. Here are the exact prompts to use to scale up your business.

How scaleups are using ChatGPT for business growth

Hiring and team building

With a dream team in place, your business will go far. When everyone is hard working, smart and conscientious, you’ll look forward to starting each work day knowing you have allies with you. The opposite traits, however, lead to a car crash of an operation that you’ll hate to run. 

Assembling the right team is vital. But how do you know who is right? Startups are getting ChatGPT’s advice for hiring and team building to start and grow strong.

“I want to work with people who are [desirable traits for your company] because it’s important that we [explain how you delight your customers]. Can you write some sentences that I can include in a job description, to ensure these people are attracted to the role. Also include some interview questions I should ask to test for these character traits, and what I should look for in a response.”

Marketing and growth

Once they have their idea ready and validated, with a product roadmap in mind, scaleups are using ChatGPT to get the word out about what they’ve made, and acquire new customers for their business. Once left to marketing managers and the ideas in their head, now they can co-create with a large language model to get the insights that might have once taken hours.

Now that ChatGPT knows about your business, use the same chat window to ask for marketing ideas. Assess the ideas and prioritise them according to your needs:

“Act as a marketing professional tasked with growing a new business in a cost-efficient way, with a marketing budget of [include your budget if applicable]. Describe effective growth hacking techniques for a startup like mine. For each one, outline the first few steps I should take towards making it a success.”

Diversifying revenue streams

Growing businesses should always be on the lookout for how they can future-proof their success. Stagnant businesses should be trying to jumpstart a fresh wave of growth. Declining businesses need a new way forward. There’s no excuse not to at least consider diversifying revenue streams, no matter what the current state of play for your organisation.

Leveraging multiple income channels can ensure sustainability, and business owners are getting ChatGPT’s ideas using this simple prompt: 

“My business is [growing, stagnating, declining] and I want to find ways of diversifying our revenue. It currently does [problem your business solves] for [describe your ideal customer]. Act as an experienced business mentor and suggest ways I could diversify our income. Put them in order of priority when optimising for [what you’re optimising for, whether low hassle, location-independence, software-focused products, etc].

Networking and partnerships

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. But who should you choose to accompany you on your mission? Ask ChatGPT to suggest networks you should join, people you should meet, and deals you should do. It might suggest affiliates you never thought of, distribution partners that would change your game, and suggest the questions to ask to secure a new partnership.

Collaborating can amplify growth and knowledge need not be your excuse. Get fresh ideas in seconds with this prompt:

“I want to grow my network in the [your industry] industry. Can you suggest some networks I should join and the type of person I should look to meet? What are some strategiesI could incorporate to foster meaningful partnerships with these people? Give me a plan of action.”

Iterative feedback

What separates the good businesses from the bad? Feedback loops. The bad ones plough on with their products, believing that marketing is the answer and ignoring the critique from current customers, who will soon leave. The good ones listen carefully. They implement the requests, they build the roadmap to address their needs. 

Ask ChatGPT for help getting feedback to refine your offering. Design a perfect process that ensures your customer comments don’t go to waste.

“At the moment we collect feedback from our customers [how you collect feedback] and we use the responses to [what you do with the responses]. I want to make our feedback process better, so we can continue to improve. What changes could I make to this process to make the system more effective and efficient, to gather better data and ultimately make improvements faster?”


It’s no surprise that scaleups are using ChatGPT for research, information, ideas and plans on how they should grow. It’s not just about building bigger, it’s about doing so without becoming busier. Double the team members equals more than double the headaches, so business owners are trying to make more money and more impact in a sustainable way.

ChatGPT is helping them find the right way to grow, by compiling a strategy within the parameters you set. Be specific on your needs when using this prompt:

“My business is currently [describe the scale of your business in terms of revenue, profitability, number of customers or team members]. Act as an experienced business analyst tasked with [scale you want to achieve, for example doubling] my business. What are the metrics you suggest I look at and what do you recommend I do to scale them up and grow my business?”

ChatGPT prompts that scaleups are using in their business

Use ChatGPT’s wisdom to help you take your business to the next level. Emulate those savvy business owners using ChatGPT as a sounding board, research partner and trusted advisor. Find new team members, new routes forward and new potential income streams. Find opportunities for networks and get feedback from your customer. There’s no reason your business should stall with your new, free, 24/7 guide.

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