App of the month: Business card reader

The business card isn’t dead but how do you get all that data onto your mobile and into Outlook?

Contrary to popular belief, the business card isn’t dead. Businesses like Vistaprint and Moo are growing fast on business people’s desire to have business cards that look good and stand out from the crowd. The consequence of this is that after a long day of meetings you find that you have a pocket full of cards, and the prospect of putting all that data onto your PC can be daunting.  However if you have an iPhone or Android phone then things are a lot easier.

The Penpower WorldCard Mobile business card reader and business card scanner enables you to take a picture of the business card with your phone’s camera. Then using the app’s optical character recognition software (OCR) you can read the data straight from the card and add it to your iPhone or Android contacts, or send it straight to your Outlook contacts.

The OCR software on the WorldCard Mobile app is really very effective. It scans the data on the card and looks for email addresses, web addresses, names and snail mail addresses and then fits the digitised versions into the correct fields automatically. In a quick test of 30 cards we had lying around the office, the app needed correcting on just one or two words and it took just 10 minutes to scan all of the cards details in.

The app software also allows you to keep the original image so you can scan in lots of cards then archive the cards or bin them and do the importing into your contacts at a later date.

Five years ago a dedicated scanning device would cost you £50 and the OCR software got things wrong more often than it got them right. With the WorldCard Mobile you get near enough 100% success and it costs under a fiver.

RRP – £3.49

Visit PenPower site to see more about the apps and links to Android and iPhone versions –



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