App of the month: Livescribe smart pen

Save and share your audio and written notes with anyone, anywhere

The Livescribe Echo smartpen allows you to share, secure and organise information incredibly simply. The Echo captures everything you hear and write and provides quick and accurate access to those audio and written notes on your PC, the internet or even as an iPhone app. 

New features in the Echo include password protection to ensure recorded audio remains private and safe, playlists to group and organise notes, and Pencast, a way of saving and sharing files to your desktop, a server, or email.

Livescribe will also be launching a Pencast Player app for iPad, iPhone and iTouch in the late summer, which enables users to access pencasts anywhere.

The Echo smartpen is available in 4GB and 8GB models and can record approximately 400 and 800 hours respectively.

RRP: From £179.99  



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