Apple’s apple voted world’s most iconic logo

Survey of Startups readers suggests clean, simple logos most effective

The Apple apple has been voted the world’s most memorable logo in a new survey of entrepreneurs, carried out by Startups’ sister site Small Business Logos.

The half-eaten fruit, first conceived in 1976, took top spot ahead of the BBC’s iconic block capitals and the Nike swoosh – the only sports logo to make the top 10.

The survey, hosted by Startups, was designed to unearth trends and tips for logo design, and help the next generation of entrepreneurs design their own brand image.

The results seemed to suggest that clean, simple logos are more memorable than overly elaborate ones. In addition to the BBC, the top 10 included the emblems of Amazon, Sky and HSBC – which are all based on the company’s name, rather than any clever or crazy visuals.

According to Lucy Smith, marketing and e-commerce director for Small Business Logos: “Logos are a crucial part of a business’ identity, and, as our winners prove, over time they become important entities in their own right, instantly conjuring up the values and key messages of a particular brand.

“We’ve taken a close look at what made our top 10 to help businesses make informed choices when it comes to their own branding. Simplicity and the ability to reproduce in a range of different sizes, media and on products, is key.

“Think about how colour, symbols and shapes might represent what you do or the sector you operate in – Apple’s silver is widely associated with technology. If you have a growth plan factor this in to your thinking when briefing the initial logo – and consider how versatile it is if your business develops.”

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To see the top 10 most memorable logos, as voted for by you, visit the Small Business Logos website


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