The Apprentice 2016, Week 7: The best business quotes, gaffes and advice

Selling everything from boats to paddleboards at Poole Harbour Boat Show, this week's show resulted in one of the worst ever performances...

This week saw teams Nebula and Titan attend Poole Harbour Boat Show in extremely unpleasant weather, attempting to sell a variety of maritime goods in a task designed to assess the aspiring entrepeneurs’ sales acumen.

Karthik finally got his time to shine as project manager of Titan, while Frances headed up Nebula in a bid to turn around an unbroken spell on the losing side.

In the end, one team had what Lord Sugar dubbed “one of the most unsuccessful tasks” ever on the show.

It seems this year’s contestants will have to buck up their ideas if they want to hit the heights of 2014’s winner Mark Wright, who won a commended award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Startups Awards 2016 last night.

Read on to find out what business lessons you can learn from this week’s installment…

Best lesson on communication
Lord sugar government

Despite being the best seller on the losing side, Samuel’s consistent refusal to be a team player saw him dismissed in the boardroom.

Having fallen foul of Lord Sugar in the first task for disregarding project manager Alana, Samuel failed to learn from his mistakes and undercut Karthik’s price point for a towel.

Business tip: Samuel’s failure to listen to Karthik can be translated to the relationship between you and your investor(s). You may not agree with all of your investor’s views, but completely disregarding them risks making it harder to achieve your goals. It seems Samuel could have benefitted from these personal development tips.

“A diabolical project manager”

Trapdoor in a canoe

Titan suffered a crushing defeat to Nebula, with a paltry £188 worth of sales to Nebula’s astonishing £40,000 in what Lord Sugar described as “one of the most unsuccessful tasks that we’ve had”.

Ultimately, the responsibility for the loss has to lie with Karthik who made bad choices about which products to sell, was generally indecisive and didn’t make the best use of the resources he had at his disposal.

Samuel, a sales manager for a major car brand, offered to use his experience to sell the jet skis but was dismissed by Karthik for lacking passion. It could have been a very different result if otherwise.

Business tip: Inspire confidence in your team by acting fast and making assured decisions – but also remember to listen to your team and make use of their different skill sets. Karthik certainly could have benefitted from our leadership advice guides.

A lesson in leadership

Decision process

In contrast to Karthik, Frances led her team to an overwhelming victory and her first win of the series, breaking down in tears of joy as she was read the result.

The children’s clothing entrepreneur was an excellent delegator, recognising which members of her team would be best placed where. She assigned Paul as her sub team leader, admitting she didn’t like his personality but admired his “decision process”, and took Sofiane with her to sell high-end goods to avoid a clash of egos.

“Please listen to each other she urged as they departed, “and don’t undermine people”.

Business tip: Frances listened to her team mates and delegated responsibility based on their strengths and weaknesses, Not only that, she recognised which personalities worked well together – a strategy that resulted in over £40,000 worth of sales. Learn more about how to motivate yourself and your team to succeed like Frances in this task here.

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