Apprentice finalist Nick Holzherr secures £170,000 investment

Young entrepreneur will use funds to launch his recipe website, Whisk

The charismatic runner-up of The Apprentice Nick Holzherr has secured a £170,000 investment in his recipe start-up, Whisk.

The young entrepreneur – who originally presented the idea on the programme – raised two thirds of the £250,000 investment he hoped to secure from Lord Sugar, after four investors came forward after the show.

The start-up, which is expected to launch at the end of the summer, allows users to convert recipes into shopping lists, which can either be printed out or configured with a variety of online supermarkets, and purchased with one click.

However, Lord Sugar was unconvinced by the idea when it was pitched to him in the series’ final, saying:

“It’s achievable, I get that. But so is sending a man to the moon… What are we going to get out of it at the end?”

Holzherr has since admitted to the BBC that, in retrospect, he had overcomplicated the proposal on the show, saying:

“I explained it too technically, [with] too many details. It meant it wasn’t really understood.”

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However, following the series’ end, Holzherr said he was overwhelmed with the interest he received in the idea, from members of the public and especially mothers.

He will now use the investment to take on new staff and develop the platform, ahead of its official launch in two to three months’ time.


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