Auto-enrolment date nearing for businesses with less than 30 employees

Companies will need to start enrolling staff in a workplace pension from January 2016. Today marks the deadline for firms with 30-49 employees

Business with 30 employees or fewer are being urged to get ready for automatic enrolment (auto-enrolment) with the next staging date set for January 2016.

According to the government’s latest revised auto-enrolment dates, employers with less than 30 employees need to start enrolling their staff in a workplace pension from January 1 2016 with the deadline set for April 1 2017.

The auto-enrolment reminder coincides with today’s auto-enrolment deadline for companies with 30 to 49 employees.

Research released by Moorepay has suggested that thousands of small businesses will miss this week’s staging date and claimed that over a quarter of businesses with fewer than 50 employees are still unaware or unclear about their pension provision responsibilities.

Alison Dodd, CEO of Moorepay, said:

“There really is no defence for the UK’s small and medium businesses against missing today’s auto-enrolment staging date. These businesses now need to act fast if they want to stay compliant and avoid hefty fines that can be a substantial burden on their business.”

For more information on auto-enrolment, staging dates and what it means for your business, check out our auto-enrolment guide here.

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