AVG updates CloudCare small business software with ‘military-grade’ online backup

Pay-as-you-use data protection added to popular anti-virus solution

Internet security specialist AVG Technologies today announced the addition of ultra-secure online backup to its CloudCare security platform, targeted at small businesses.

The new AVG Online Backup (OLB) service will allow resellers and distributors of the remotely-managed CloudCare security service to offer ‘military-grade’ data protection to clients for the first time.

Features of the new service include the capacity to restore data from a single file to a whole directory securely, a data encryption service to protect against theft and a ‘ShadowProtect’ option to provide additional protection against hardware failure.

Backed-up information will be stored in secure, quality-certified data centres in the UK and USA.

OLB users will be charged on a pay-as-you use basis, calculated per 25GB ‘unit’; AVG claims the simplified pricing offers an advantage over competing providers, who often charge a premium for backing up Microsoft Exchange or SQL servers.

The OLB service will shortly be available for new and existing CloudCare resellers via an option in the software menu.

It marks the first time AVG, known for its anti-virus solutions, has offered a data backup service, and the company termed the release a ‘significant milestone’ in its history.

In conjunction with the release of the service, AVG today released a study which it claimed showed the importance of backing up data for small business; a poll conducted of 500 business owners revealed a third spent more time tidying desks than they did backing up data.

Mike Foreman, general manager of small and medium-sized businesses at AVG, said: “We see online backup and data protection as a natural extension for those partners already providing frontline security services to their customers.

“With this in mind we have fully integrated online backup into AVG CloudCare so that small businesses can trust their IT providers to manage their data protection needs through the same single pane of glass.”


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