Babysitting app bubble bags £500,000 seed funding to take first steps into market

High profile backers include co-founder of Betfair Andrew Black, former CFO of Zoopla Stephen Morana, and the Kamani family of Boohoo

bubble, a babysitting app that connects parents with babysitters that their friends know, has raised £500,000 in seed funding after receiving backing from a series of high profile angel investors.

Andrew Black, co-founder of Betfair, the Kamani family of Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing, Graham Hobson, co-founder of Photobox, Stephen Morana, former CFO of Zoopla and Marina Fogle, founder of The Bump Class were among those who have supported the fledgling business.

Now officially out of beta and fully launching into the UK market, bubble already has a membership base of 10,000 parents and sitters.

Available on Android and iOS, the on-demand app allows users to find, vet, book and pay babysitters with just a few taps.

Completely free for babysitters who set their own hourly rates and keep 100% of what they earn, parents are charged a £3.50 booking fee for each session they book.

No sign-up or subscription costs for either user, there is a two-way rating system which sees parents rate sitters and vice-versa.

Placing a strong emphasis on security, trust and transparency, bubble uses social networks and other community data to connect parents to child minders that are used and trusted by their local community.

Sitters, who then can earn a good and honest reputation, can potentially earn more money by being exposed to a greater amount of clients – complete with good reviews.

Founded by ‘dadtrepreneurs' Ari Last and Adrian Murdock, Bubble was born after the pair experienced an increased need to rediscover their social lives – which relied on finding a trusted babysitter.

The duo have over 12 years' experience in internet businesses, holding senior roles at Betfair, MarketInvoice and Young Gun-founded

The funding coincides with the launch of bubble’s new ‘Express Book’ feature, an on-demand babysitter marketplace that claims to provide parents with available sitters in less than a minute.

Last said:

“It is incredible to receive this support from investors who have helped shape some of the most successful digital brands in the UK. The funding allows us to continue our mission to become the country’s smartest and most trusted childcare platform.

“The feedback from our early parent customers has been fantastic and we’ve doubled our numbers in the last three months. There’s now strong interest to take bubble outside of London.

Murdock added:

“The bubble community is at the heart of the business and is a huge part of our success to date.

“We know that finding a trusted babysitter is a constant challenge. bubble is taking the hassle out of this by allowing users to connect with their friends and local community to get recommendations from parents just like them.

“Our growth numbers have been encouraging, demonstrating to us that we are answering a problem many have been facing.”

Adam Kamani, co-founder of online fashion retailer, PrettyLittleThing said:

“bubble is solving the childcare problem so many parents face every day, in the way we order most of life's essentials – through a tap of a smartphone. The early customer feedback has been exceptional and we’re excited about being a part of the business, using our expertise and experience to help it scale in London and beyond.”


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