Barclays launches new accounting tool for small businesses

New application exports bank transactions directly into accounting software

Barclays has launched a new accounting product for small businesses, which aims to make balancing the books simpler and less time-consuming.

Barclays DataServices automatically exports small businesses’ bank transactions into their accounting software at the end of each day, saving time and making sure every transaction gets recorded.

Richard Exton, Barclays Clearlybusiness managing director, said: “Using the service, whatever goes through the business accounts gets sent – every day and safely – into the business’ accounting software.

“Nothing gets lost or forgotten, and there’s no need to send through boxes of receipts every month. If the transaction goes through the business, then it gets recorded in the accounts.”

The free application is currently available to Barclays Business customers using FreeAgent accounting software, which is provided as part of Barclays’ MyBusinessWorks software package.

It will be rolled out to other accounting software packages in the near future, Barclays said.


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  1. I am a Barclay business customer with a estate agency can this software assist me with my property management?