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BAS Energy

BAS Energy can help your business to save money on gas and electricity. Find out more about how they work now and compare quotes

Securing cheaper energy contracts can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, particularly for smaller businesses. But, it’s incredibly important to shop around as by simply researching the market, businesses can make average savings of 30% on their gas and electricity bills.

Finding the time and resources to research and understand the energy market is easier said than done, which is where energy consultancies such as BAS Energy come in.

Within this article, we’ll take a closer look at who BAS Energy is and, how the energy consultation process works. We’ll then move on to looking at the various BAS gas and electricity comparison services in more detail, before examining the business energy plans that can be accessed through BAS Energy’s comparison and consultation services.

What’s on this page?

Who is BAS Energy?

BAS Energy is an energy broker and comparison tool. One of the UK’s leading independent Energy Consultancies, BAS helps businesses to manage, monitor, and save on their energy costs.

With a strong reputation for openness and innovation, BAS currently boasts an energy portfolio of over £600m and, to date, has helped over 20,000 businesses save over £42m since 2006.

This extensive industry experience has allowed the company to develop the necessary expertise, relationships, and technology, to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to find the most reliable energy supplier in line with their requirements, at the best possible price.

What does BAS Energy do?

As a team of energy procurement and management specialists, BAS is committed to saving organisations money and ensuring their business resources are used to optimum effect and efficiency. An independent consultancy, BAS works with over 20 different suppliers to secure the most affordable contracts for their clients.

BAS’ energy-related services include:

  • Gas and Electricity Procurement
  • Invoice Validation
  • Data Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Carbon Management
  • Energy Audits and Compliance

How does BAS Energy work?

BAS helps SMEs and larger corporate clients to find the most reliable gas and electricity suppliers. Searching for the most competitive price, bringing a vast range of fixed, flexible, and bespoke products to the market.

BAS will help to identify a gas and electricity supply contract that works for your individual business. The optimum length of contract will depend upon the energy market conditions, ranging from one to five years.

You can be placed on a new gas or electricity contract 120 days before the end of your current one, so it’s never too early to get in touch with BAS to start the process. Also, it’s important to remember that it can take up to 28 days to process your contract switch so don’t leave it until the last minute.

If your business has multiple meters with different suppliers, BAS will bring all your meters under one common contract start date, ensuring you get the most favourable pricing on the market.

Once you have signed up for a gas or electricity contract through BAS, the team will monitor your contract end dates and make contact with you as soon as your contract falls within its review period.

For a comprehensive electricity or gas quote from BAS, you’ll need to contact them directly.

BAS Energy, pros and cons

Pros Cons
  • Five star rating and 9.2/10 score from TrustPilot reviews
  • Established, well renowned and trusted business
  • Strong referral process, with many customers having been referred by other satisfied customers
  • Quotes only available on request
  • Sales team can be quite persistent
  • BAS Energy, TrustPilot review breakdown:

    BAS energy


      What’s a BAS Business Energy plan?

      Although BAS don’t provide business energy plans directly, they allow businesses to access a range of plans and products, covering everything from energy price comparisons through to invoice validation and data and performance management.

      By combining their expertise, technology, and relationships with suppliers, BAS is able to offer electricity, gas, water, waste, and facilities maintenance solutions that help to power business operations, from inception through to renewal.

      For more specific information regarding business gas prices and business electricity prices, follow the links to read dedicated price pages.

      Who should use BAS Energy?

      If you’re moving locations, expanding your operations or refurbishing your existing business premises, BAS energy offers a range of metering solutions that will meet your business needs. BAS even have the technical expertise and know-how to install your new meter and provide energy supply contracts.

      What can you expect from BAS Energy?

      When you partner with BAS Energy for your new meter installation and supply connections for gas and electricity, you can expect to experience a good level of service and a customer-centric approach.

      Dealing with a single point of contact, you’ll be able to take advantage of a free no-obligation quote, metering contract management, and free smart meter installation.

      And, once the best energy contract for your business has been found, BAS will then ensure that you are satisfied right the way through to renewal. Additionally, BAS provide invoice validation, energy monitoring, and compliance assistance to help simplify every aspect of energy for your business.

      What else do BAS Energy offer?

      In addition to comparing and sourcing new contracts and suppliers, BAS also have the capability to provide full energy efficiency audits. A BAS Energy efficiency audit will identify areas of energy reduction/usage in order to drive down costs, as well as improve on carbon emissions. Fully metered sites can also take advantage of the BAS Dataview software, which enables businesses to monitor and compare energy usage continually.

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