Baskin-Robbins heads to the movies

Leading UK ice cream franchise set for rapid growth as it replaces Ben & Jerry’s at Cineworld cinemas

Baskin-Robbins has secured a deal to replace Ben & Jerry’s at all existing, and future, Cineworld cinemas across Britain. The deal is part of Baskin-Robbins campaign to increase its coverage in the UK and Ireland;  offering the brand further exposure and presence without effecting high-street stores sales.

Baskin- Robbins was founded in the US in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts, who wanted to introduce the American market to unique and varied ice cream flavours. The company has grown dramatically since, with 7,300 stores in 50 different countries.

Currently, Baskin-Robbins has 150 stores in the UK – opening 12 new high-street stores in the last year and a half – with further plans to open more.

The Baskin-Robbins general UK manager, Jim Johnstone, discussed the Cineworld deal:

“We are opening more of these this year and we are looking at actively recruiting franchisees for them right across the country. On top of that we are also looking for markets similar to Cineworld – not competing but other captive environments where we could do a similar offer.

“The beauty of the Cineworld deal is it puts the Baskin-Robbins brand into cities and towns all over the country. Because one’s a captive market and one’s a high street, they don’t steal trade from each other. These kinds of deals are brilliant for both our existing and future franchisees.”

If you are interested in Baskin-Robbins franchise opportunities, a single store requires a minimum investment of £60,000 for a minimum total launch cost of £120,000.

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Further franchise details can be found on the company’s site.



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