BCC chief demands NI cuts to stimulate growth

Longworth says British governance needs to put businesses first

The director general of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) has demanded that the government prioritises the needs of small businesses in in 2012.

Commenting on the British economy’s prospects for the year ahead, John Longworth said that the coalition has been “nowhere near radical enough” in assisting small firms, and urged the creation of an “enterprise culture” across the UK.

Longworth, who joined the BCC four months ago, believes that the government can restore UK business confidence in 2012, by “facilitating the flow of credit to viable businesses” and “improving our planning system.”

In addition, “measures like the reversal of the punishing 5.6% rise in business rates due in April 2012, and a reduction in employer National Insurance contributions could make a real difference.”

Longworth added that, at this critical juncture in the world economy, the role of business is more crucial than ever.

“In the face of economic concerns, and the debt crisis in Europe, businesses across Britain, large and small, are busting a gut to find new markets and grow their firms. That’s why we all have to recognise that business is a force for good.

“2012 could provide the tipping point for our economy. Not just because the next year is the nadir of a crisis, but because it provides an opportunity for lasting change.

“It could be a new start to an exciting future – the beginning of a renaissance in our fortunes based on enterprise, wealth creation and a new world view.”

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