Belfast cyber security firm that turns human heartbeat into ID raises £3.5m

The Northern Irish tech start-up will use the funds to "grow significantly" next year

B-Secur, a Belfast-based cyber security firm that helps turn the human heartbeat into a form of ID, has raised £3.5m in early-stage funding from a syndicate of UK and Irish investors that includes Accelerated Digital Ventures (ADV) and Kernel Capital.

Operating within the bioptech space, B-Secur’s tech allows individuals to use their heartbeat pattern, or electrocardiogram, to authenticate their identity.

Posting itself against more common forms of biometrics, such as fingerprint or iris recognition, which are more vulnerable to hacking, B-Secur claims an an “internal biometric” can mimise potential threats.

Founded in 2002, B-Secur  is chaired by Colin Anderson, OBE, while its CEO is Alan Foreman – former MD of Accenture.

The deal marks the second time in as many weeks that a Northern Irish tech start-up has received significant funding.

Last week, Belfast-based Neurovalens, a tech start-up that helps people lose weight via a wearable that stimulates the brain, raised £1.1m.

Foreman said:

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“This announcement underscores the growing demand from organisations to provide better security to their customers in this digital world, amid an escalation in high-profile cyber attacks. I believe that our ECG authentication technology is crucial to supporting this global challenge.

“We are thrilled to gain the backing of ADV, Kernel and others. This will help us to grow significantly in the next 12 months and continue to invest in world-class science and engineering in the UK and beyond, and we are proud to have the opportunity to build a truly global business solving a serious problem that each of us faces every day.”

Michael Dimelow, head of investment for ADV, said:

“In a world where security and personal identity are central to accessing a range of online digital services, B-Secur’s technology harnesses the unique power of the human heartbeat to unlock everything from finance to healthcare, from cars to buildings.

“ADV is excited to be supporting B-Secur as they deploy their market-leading patented software across all forms of devices including mobile and wearables.”


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