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How this Belfast start-up developed a global focus from day 1 – and how you can too

With partners spanning South Africa to Spain, cyber security business SaltDNA says an international domain name helped it “be prepared” for growth

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Cyber crime is a major threat to businesses and now, more than ever, companies need to protect themselves from hackers and data breaches.

One start-up which has created an effective software solution to enable businesses to help win the fight against cyber attacks is Belfast-based start-up SaltDNA.

Established five years ago, SaltDNA builds secure enterprise mobile communications and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to ensure that business’ private calls, voice messaging, conference calling – and more- is safe from cyber hacks.

This offering has attracted customers from across the world in countries such as South Africa and Mexico to Columbia and Spain. Demand for the solution has sky-rocketed to the point where, as co-founder Joe Boyle asserts, the business now receives “international inbound requests on a daily basis”.

But where are these requests received? And how has SaltDNA managed to target overseas clients from its headquarters in the UK?

Boyle says that the company’s website – which possesses an international domain name – has had an influence; helping SaltDNA “to prove itself of being a global company” and be prepared for international growth.

We spoke to Boyle to learn more…

SaltDNA’s export success story

“As a company SaltDNA has expanded very quickly in a short space of time – with 2017 revenue having grown by 1000% from the previous year.

“Our go to market strategy is to sell our solution through specialised security providers. SaltDNA only sells through selected partners and never directly to the end customer.

“Our Partner Agreement has been designed to ensure that both the partners and customers benefit by choosing SaltDNA.

“In the past 12 months, we have expanded our partner programme significantly adding new partners in USA, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, UAE, Switzerland and Spain.
“Our expansion is dependent on securing high quality partners, and in order to do so have had to implement a strong marketing team in order to attract these partners as well as customers.

“We intend to continue to grow this team and continue to promote SaltDNA and the many product announces that come as a result of concentrated customer feedback.”

Why taking SaltDNA international was an easy decision

“SaltDNA had no option but to expand internationally because cyber security attacks and mobile interception are global issues.

“We understood that the solution we were providing on the market were superior and that we had developed a rock-solid system that was built for the enterprise.

“Our customers tend to be organisations that either have been a victim of a cyber-attack, or companies that fully understand the impact a cyber-attack will have on their reputation.

“On a daily basis we are contacted with global opportunities so making the decision to expand internationally was a very easy one.”

How SaltDNA’s website helped the start-up develop a global focus from day one

“Myself and my fellow founders all worked for international companies such as F5 Networks, Blue Coat Systems and Silverpeak Systems, so we always had the mentality of pushing our solution globally.

“We received an incredible level of support from the local international trade body Invest NI in securing the legal requirements for an international domain name and ensured that the setup of SaltDNA was seamless.

SaltDNA operate on a global basis and we receive international inbound requests on a daily basis.”

“A .com domain name was key in our international success because, within five years, SaltDNA has proven itself of being a global company.”

“Ranked within the top half of the Cybersecurity 500 by Cybersecurity Ventures – SaltDNA was developed with a global focus. A .com domain allowed us to be prepared for this from day one – and ensured that we had the correct level access for communications with other global companies.”

What's next for SaltDNA?

“We’ve began 2018 incredibly well. So far this year we have secured our biggest ever deal and continue to expand into different regions.

“2018 is due to be the biggest year in our company's short history and we have a number of major announcements planned for the next few months.

“I can't reveal the focus for the company at this moment in time, but we are extremely excited for these announcements over the next few months. Watch this space!”

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