Best apps for business: Codecademy

Jenni Young, centre director of the Digital Catapult, shares her love for the app which helps you improve your coding skills...

Business: The Digital Catapult – a national centre which looks to advance the UK’s best digital ideas.
App: Codecademy
Available on: iOS
Cost: Free

What does the app do?

The app helps users learn how to code in a light way. It introduces the basic concepts behind the apps on your phone and the websites you visit. The idea is that users quickly learn and understand the basic structure of code.

Why did you get it?

We are living in an increasingly “digital first” world where we all use mobile apps, connected devices and other digital technologies every day. Any app that is able to demystify coding and empower anyone to learn and do it through an app gets a big thumbs up.

How does it help your business?

At the Digital Catapult, we believe that digital has the power to make the UK a better place to live. The Codeacademy app is great as it enables people (including coding novices like me) to learn code in a simple, fast environment.

What’s your favourite feature?

Being able to learn in such an easy format is great – more importantly the fact that they have made coding this empowering and accessible

Which other business apps would you recommend?

Glisser is the one that has really caught my eye recently. It’s a way to socially share presentations. Its founder, Mike Piddock, came in and met with us at a coffee morning recently and we are looking forward to incorporating it into our future events.

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