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Best apps for business: Expensify

Zapper's European MD Bradley Duke tells Startups why he’s a fan of the “hassle free” employee expense reporting app…

Business: – mobile payments and marketing platform which allows you to pay bills in a matter of seconds
App: Expensify
Available on: Windows, iOS and Android
Cost: From $5 per month per person

What does the app do?

In its simplest form, Expensify helps with capturing and filing expenses for staff. The app also helps to streamline the approval process and tracking expenses by team. Based on how each company sets the service up, Expensify will cleverly categorise expenses too – some of ours include fuel, travel and lunches.

Why did you get it?

Previously at the end of the month, the accounts team’s desks would be entirely cluttered by paper expense forms and hundreds of receipts. We simply grew tired of this and the manual, time-consuming process around preparing and approving expense reports.

How does it help your business?

Expensify saves hours of time for everyone, allowing them to do bigger and better things that don’t include photocopying receipts. Not only that but it has saved the company a large amount of money by discovering human errors such as duplicate entries.

What’s your favourite feature?

You get a receipt, you scan it, and you throw it away. Previously my wallet would be bulging from the sheer amount of paper receipts I would collect over the month. In the background, the app will lift important information from the receipt such as bill total, currency paid in and the business name.

Which other business apps would you recommend?

The team at Zapper are currently enjoying using Slack and Yammer for internal communication and social networking. Other than that I would recommend ForceManager for managing a field sales team, Waze for getting around to meetings, and Nine – the holy grail of email apps.


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  1. This is one of the best expense management apps I’ve ever worked with. It’s easy to work with, has a great workflow charts and Quickbooks integration. I definitely recommend it!