Best apps for business: Google Drive

The PR agency founder says Google's file sharing app has helped him "future-proof" his business and kept start-up costs down...

Business: Rich Leigh & Company – consumer PR agency specialising in brand campaigns and personal PR
 Google Drive
Available on: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What does the app do?

Google Drive provides you with free online storage and bills itself as a way to ‘have all your files within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer’, giving you and anybody you provide access to it the ability to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

Why did you get it?

At my previous PR agencies we used a file server that allowed everybody in the business to access the same shared files. At both, there were occasionally issues with the file server going down meaning technical support had to be called upon.

I started my agency with the mindset that I wanted a future-proofed and mobile way of utilising a shared drive but without having to go to the expense of working with a tech team, in a bid to keep start-up costs down.

How does it help your business?

As I’m out meeting clients and journalists regularly, with Google Drive I can access any file from anywhere. Paired with Google Docs you can edit too which automatically updates the file.

If an employee needs instant feedback on a press release, or a journalist emails me for a client photo we have on file and needs it quickly, I can be on it, wherever I am.

What’s your favourite feature?

I’m sure Google doesn’t need me to promote its wares (unless it does, I which case, CALL ME…), but the fact Google Drive does work so seamlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone is so simple that it’s easy to forget that, using the journalist-wants-a-photo point from above, before using it I would have had to open my laptop, find a Wi-Fi point and hope the server wasn’t playing silly buggers.

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It’s Google so there’s never been a single second of downtime which, as my business grows and I work with team members further afield, means a weight off of my mind.

Which other business apps would you recommend?

Facebook Pages is essential as a PR agency but given the audience likely to see this post it’s worth mentioning that accountancy service Xero’s app works nicely when I can’t sit down at my laptop. If a financial dullard like me can make sense of it, anybody can.


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