Best apps for business: Kimble

Consultancy entrepreneur Mike Hampson tell us why he’s a fan of the enterprise app that helps free up time for him and his staff…

Business: Bishopsgate Financial, a specialist management consultancy in the financial sector
App: Kimble
Available on: Windows, iOS and all browsers on PC and Mac
Cost: Dependent on the number of users in the business

What does the app do?

Kimble is a professional services automation app that helps manage every aspect of management consultancy work; from pre-sales to consultant resourcing and delivery, from timesheets and expenses to management reporting and invoicing. Everything in between talking to the client about the engagement and exporting the invoice is handled through Kimble.

Why did you get it?

We were looking to grow the business in a controlled, sustainable way and needed to move away from using 20 different spreadsheets to do this. We also wanted to improve communication between the sales team and those responsible for servicing the client engagements.

How does it help your business?

On average it’s shaved 10 days off if how long it usually takes to report at month end. It’s improved our cashflow as our invoices are more accurate and go out more quickly due to the process being automated.

It’s also brought the team together as they can see very clearly how work in their part of the business impacts on other departments.

What’s your favourite feature?

The dashboards and management information. I need to know what’s happening in the business in real time, not five or 10 days ago. Kimble allows me to see at a glance where we are so that I can make informed decisions about the business.

Which other business apps would you recommend?

Evernote, SharePlus and the Trainline.

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