Best apps for business: Sage One

Young entrepreneur-to-watch Jules Quinn explains how she uses the accountancy app to manage her unique tea company's finances...

Business: The *TeaShed – a design-led tea and bubble tea company born and brewed in Britain
App: Sage One
Available on: iOS and Android
Cost: Free

What does the app do?

Sage One provides simple, on-the-go invoice and expense tracking for micro and small businesses, allowing business owners to manage their accounts and cashflow on the go. The app integrates seamlessly with Sage One Accounts and Sage One Accounts Extra.

Why did you get it?

Running my business, no two days are the same and I can be in London one day and back in Newcastle the next so the ability to be mobile is key. Before downloading the app, I was already using the online version but the app makes managing my accounts on-the-go even easier.

How does it help your business?

It allows me to keep on top of my invoices and cash from wherever I am. Drawing up invoices and emailing them to people on the app is really efficient. It’s great that other employees and my accountant can check invoices on the go too to ensure we’re a collaborative team. It also means that someone else can access the accounts when I’m out of the office and ultimately helps save the business both money and time.

What’s your favourite feature?

The app is very easy to use and the simple layout means I can quickly draw up new invoices and see what needs paying. It’s also quick and efficient to share information and invoices with others – including my accountant.

Which other business apps would you recommend?

As a business, we use a number of apps to ensure all employees are kept up-to-date, for instance Slack is a brilliant instant messaging service. We also use Buffer and Facebook Pages Manager to ensure our social media runs smoothly and iZettle for taking payments at events.


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