Best apps for business: Trello

Supper Club managing director Jane Gomez explains how she uses the list-based organisation app to keep employees on track…

Business: The Supper Club – a networking group for fast-growth entrepreneurs
Available on: 
Windows, Android and iOS
Cost: Free

What does the app do?

Trello is a brilliant, free app based on one of the oldest organisation tools in the book – lists! Essentially it’s like a digital pinboard which allows you to organise tasks, files, pictures and ideas in one place. You create notecards to keep track of projects or tasks that can be accessed simultaneously by people and to which you can assign deadlines, owners, or goals. You could use it for anything, from organising a dinner party to a corporate event and in fact the best thing about it is how much you can personalise it.

Why did you get it?

The suggestion came from some of The Supper Club members – as many great ideas do! We run monthly ‘Forum’ groups in which members set tasks and have to log activity; some groups have been using Trello to keep track of progress.

How does it help your business?

It works particularly well for when team members are working remotely so that people can check in on tasks and update when things have been ticked off. However we don’t only use it for work purposes; at the moment our team are using it to create lists of positive achievements which we update daily. It’s a really great way to see all the things that people have been proud of in one place.

What’s your favourite feature?

It’s the collaborative aspect that I like. Everyone has a Trello profile and so when you assign people, you see their face next to the task! It’s certainly a motivator but equally it allows you to see what else other people are working on. As teams are growing, it can be a really useful tool to see where people are spending their time and what they have on their plate.

Which other business apps would you recommend?

It’s a favourite for many people at the moment but Slack is great – Cain Ullah, the founder of Red Badger is a member of ours and he recommended it. It’s such a quick way to cut down on internal email. Another app, actually created by one of our member’s firms, Codegent, is Twilert, which has been around for a while but is still a fantastic tool to stay on top of mentions on Twitter. We set up alerts for our own company name, but also for issues that are of interest to our members.

Lastly, the Pocket app has helped me keep track of things I want to read online, but don’t have time for immediately. The app allows you to store them up for later, so you can read them at your leisure without having to clog up your inbox with reminders or create multiple notes on your phone.

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