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The essential productivity apps every new business owner needs

Time management and productivity apps go hand in hand. Download these apps and your business will be able to operate more efficiently...


Dropbox_Logo_02App: Dropbox
Compatible with: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows
Rating: ★★★☆
(App Store)
Freemium model

With a whopping 500 million users worldwide, the Dropbox app offers simplicity, and subtle integration into almost any operating system and device.

While providing data-backup protection and file-sharing capabilities, Dropbox’s best feature is its synchronisation service. Files saved, edited or dropped in the app by users are automatically synced across all systems connected to the same account and folder – accessible through a web browser and stored on Dropbox’s own servers.

This gives you the ability to access your Dropbox account and shared files, on any device regardless of whether the app is stored or not.

The system will also notify you if any files have been added, deleted or changed by other users and will even store the older versions of articles for up to 30 days.

While Dropbox is available of Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads and BlackBerry devices, if you own a Windows Phone or any device powered by this operating system you will need to trust your data to a third-party app.

Why is it a must-have app for business owners?

A must have for any team or business working on shared or collaborative products, Dropbox provides you with a simple, reliable, full-featured file-syncing and storage service with real-time updates.


Compatible with: iOs, Android and iPadHootsuite app
Rating: ★★★★ (App Store)
Price: Free for up to three social networks

Social media is an essential tool for any start-up business looking to gain exposure and attract customers but regularly managing a number of different channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, can be a hassle and take up a lot of resource. This is especially the case if you’re just starting out and taking the DIY marketing approach.

Hootsuite’s social media management app provides a time-saving solution. Using the app, you can share and schedule posts from your business’ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts – all on the one app.

You can effectively share messages with these social networks in one place, use the ‘AutoSchedule’ feature to spread messages out over a number of days – ideal for time management – and view and manage your social networks all from one place.

Why is it a must-have app for business owners? 

There’s no reason why managing multiple social media accounts should hinder your workflow. By using the Hootsuite app, you can keep on top of your business’ social media accounts 24/7 – so your business can still be posting at say 1am – and have more time to spend on other areas of your start-up.

What’s more, the app means you can effectively manage your social media presence while on the move so you can reply immediately to customer posts and messages.


Compatible with: Windows, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.
Free for the basic model

A giant in the app world for some time now, Evernote allows you to to record and save all your thoughts, notes and photos in the cloud.

The app gives you the ability to access these notes through multiple devices including your computer, smartphone, tablet, or anywhere you have an internet connection and a browser.

Among the app's nifty features, ‘Webclipper’ allows you to save entire webpages and to also ‘de-clutter’ the file, meaning you can remove any unwanted ads or irrelevant data – keeping only the information you need.

Upon saving the file, Evernote will store it alongside other files you have on that topic and will prompt you with these should you ever search for that subject again; ensuring any ides and thoughts are never forgotten.

Evernote reviewed its pricing strategy and offering in late June 2016 which means users are now only allowed to sync two devices when operating on the basic model.

Why is it a must-have app for business owners?

 Just perfect for those ‘lightbulb' moments, Evernote allows for clean and organised note taking so you can store all of your business ideas, thoughts, and decisions in one place.

Microsoft Outlook

hello Compatible with: iOS, Android and Windows
Rating: ★★★☆

Price varies as part of Office 365 offering

A ‘personal information manager’ from Microsoft, the Outlook app is available as a part of the company’s Office suite.

While mainly used as an email application, Outlook also offers a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking option, journal, and web browsing.

Some of Outlook’s best features include its advanced filtering process which greatly help de-clutter your inbox and its detailed email search option – ensuring nothing gets lost at the end of the pile.

Does your business have a regular catchphrase or motto? The “Quick Parts” option allows you to save lines of text which will be immediately promoted if you start typing the phrase again; guaranteeing no inconsistencies in your company’s branding.

And if there’s anything business owners like more than reading emails, it’s not reading them. By selecting “Junk E-mail Options”, you're able to open a configuration dialogue which lets you specify what you count as junk and what you don’t. This means you can blacklist domains and even entire countries that you just don’t want to hear from.

If the sender is a legitimate contact but a particular conversation isn’t relevant, selecting the “Ignore” option will move emails in that particular conversation thread to bin as soon as they arrive, while not actually blocking the contact.

Why is it a must-have app for business owners?

Outlook has now amassed more than 400 million users worldwide and is even used by and CitrusHR founder David Lester and the entire team– what other endorsement could you possible need?!


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