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The essential apps every new business owner needs

Entrepreneurs are using apps in record numbers to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Here are Startups' pick of the best business apps

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No longer reserved for the selfie and Snapchat obsessed, entrepreneurs are increasingly realising the benefits of mobile apps specifically designed with the business owner in mind.

According to recent statistics by Intuit QuickBooks, 71% of UK small business owners now rely on mobile apps to run their operations, eliminate admin and scale their business.

Yet, of this 71%, a staggering 41% of small business owners said they were unaware of which apps were best for their business and cited being overwhelmed by the range of business apps on offer.

With this statistic in mind, we've created a comprehensive guide to answer the question of just ‘Which apps are best for business?'

Covering a number of crucial areas for any start-up entrepreneur – such as productivity and time management – each app has been specifically chosen based on criteria such as reviews and recommendations, ease of use, price point, USP and much more.

By reading this guide, you'll learn that:

  • With a multitude of finance apps available, the days of frantically legging it to the bank are a thing of the past – you can streamline your accounts and manage your expenses all from the palm of their hand.
  • There are number of tech start-ups creating apps that provide stressed-out entrepreneurs with a means to declutter their mind – as well as their office!
  • The importance of mental health for those in the business world cannot be underestimated with great wellness apps on offer, designed to provide relief and comfort to the overworked underappreciated business owners that keep Britain ticking.
  • The old idiom that ‘talk is cheap’ has taken on a new meaning with an array of easy-to-use chat apps which allow for much more flexibility and co-operation for team communications.
  • For the start-up founders that are always on the go, there are now a great range travel apps that’ll ensure smooth sailing for your business.

Sound intriguing? Then read on as we present the essential business apps to suit every budget and management style. Follow the buttons or jump to the categories above to view the apps…

Is there a business app you think we've missed? Share in the comments below or tweet us @startupstowers!