Best cities in the UK to start a beauty business revealed

With 657 beauty outlets per capita - including the highest number of make up and clothes shops - Liverpool is UK’s best city for beauty start-ups

Liverpool has been named as the top city in the UK to start a beauty business, according to a study undertaken by

With 657 outlets per 100,000 people, including 453 clothes shops and everything from salons to nail bars and hairdressers, Liverpool was revealed to be the UK’s premier city for beauty start-ups to set up shop.

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Nottingham’s abundance of gyms (21) lifted it into second place – with five more gyms than Bristol, which had the next highest number – while Manchester was in third place, with 562 outlets per 100,000 capita and the highest number of make-up shops after Liverpool.

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Wolverhampton, with 514 outlets per 100,000, was the fourth best city to start a beauty business thanks to its heavy supply of weight loss clinics (55). Newcastle upon Tyne, which had just 397 per 100,000 came in fifth, boasting a high number of piercing and tattoo parlours.

The study also used the average cost of different services and their frequency of use, to break down the per capita spend on each beauty item and the average spend per person.

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Leeds was revealed as the city with the biggest overall outgoings on beauty expenditure at £7,000 per capita every year. Citizens of the city spent the most on dermatologists and teeth whitening services.

London came in second, where residents spent the second most in the UK on gyms (£601 a year), making it a good spot for personal trainers to start-up. It was beaten only by Cardiff, where people spent an average of £643 a year at the gym.

Coventry was third for average spend for capita: residents in the city spent an average of £750 per person per year on going to the hairdresser.

Joe Gardiner,’s head of brand and communications, commented: “The piece isn’t just about the total spend. It’s interesting to see the breakdown and understand which cities value which parts of their appearance the most.” 

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