What are the best fuel cards?

The best fuel cards will help your business to save time and money. Compare quotes today to get a top deal

The best fuel cards offer a range of benefits to all sorts of businesses – whether you use one vehicle or several, fuel cards are a flexible and efficient tool.

As you may expect, a fuel card is a dedicated payment method used by businesses to help streamline outgoing payments.

These cards are primarily used for petrol, but can also be used by your drivers to purchase other work-related essentials. What can be purchased with a fuel card will depend on your plan or choice of provider.

As with any other business tool or resource, the best fuel card for your company will depend on various factors.

The size of your business is likely to be the most important consideration, though your industry and the vehicles you operate will also need to be given some thought.

On this page, we have collated and compared some of the top fuel cards available in the UK, providing details to help you make your decision.

In this article, you’ll learn:

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What are the benefits of fuel cards?

The best fuel cards offer a range of benefits. The most important of these comes in the form of the savings you’ll make. Your business will spend less over time by making use of fuel card services due to the discounts they offer on fuel, plus the management costs you’ll save.

The list below includes some of the most important benefits that a fuel card will offer your business:

  • Cost savings – manage your budget based on actual fuel expenditure
  • Manage fuel consumption – check how much fuel your vehicles use
  • Monitor driver activity – understand how your fleet operates
  • Assistance in payroll – review invoices more easily

Of course, there are a whole host of other benefits offered by a fuel card – some of these will depend on your sector or business. You can find more information about fuel cards for small businesses here.

What are the top fuel cards in the UK?

In this section, you can find a direct comparison of four of the best fuel cards available to UK businesses.

The table below compares these options together, with some key features considered, while the sections below the table provide more details about each of the individual cards and suppliers.

Fuel card supplier Key feature Rating
Allstar Highest number of fuel sites in UK ★★★★★
Arval Offers a range of vehicle services ★★★★★
BP Offers four types of fuel card ★★★★
Shell Card based on monthly fuel spend ★★★★

Allstar fuel cards

  • Founded – 1974
  • Based – UK

Allstar is one of the UK’s most popular fuel card providers, used by over 38,000 businesses and 1.1 million drivers.

Founded as Blue Star Garages in 1974, this brand has become a leading force, providing fuel services to businesses in a huge variety of sectors.

Offering a range of card options that will help businesses to better manage fuel consumption in small and large fleets, Allstar fuel cards also offer fuel discounts that can lead to significant financial savings.

Having grown tremendously since launching, Allstar fuel cards are an excellent option for any business. They can help you to track and monitor your spending, and improve efficiency in every way.

Allstar offer four fuel card options:

  • Allstar One fuel card – ideal if your business uses diesel and petrol vehicles
  • Allstar Supermarket fuel card – for use at supermarket petrol pumps only
  • Allstar Monitor card – suitable for public sector organisations only
  • Allstar Plus VISA card – enables the management of fuel and all business expenses on one card

These cards have been designed to provide different features and levels of service, depending on the requirements of your business. Choosing the right card will depend on your needs, spending habits and budget.

Arval fuel card

Arval fuel cards

  • Founded – 1989
  • Based – UK

Arval fuel cards are an excellent option, especially for smaller businesses that are also looking for a variety of features.

As well as providing fuel payment options, Arval can also offer vehicle rental and insurance, alongside several other benefits.

You have to be an Arval customer to use the Arval fuel card.

Launched in 1989 and owned by BNP Paribas, Arval is part of a company that offers a whole host of vehicle products and fleet management services, including vehicle leasing as well as short- and mid-term rental.

From tracking to fuel cards, you can expect expert service that ensures that your fleets run as well as possible, from top to bottom.

BP fuel card

BP fuel cards

  • Founded – 1909
  • Based – UK

BP fuel cards, like Shell fuel cards, are a great option for many businesses because the coverage offered is excellent.

BP garages are popular across the UK, meaning that your drivers will rarely struggle to find a place to fill up their vehicles.

BP offer four main fuel cards, each designed to match different businesses and requirements:

  • BP Plus – Suitable for varying amounts and types of vehicles
  • BP Plus Bunker – Ideal for larger vehicles (trucks, HGVs, buses)
  • BP Supercharge – Suitable for use in areas with fewer BP petrol stations
  • BP+ Aral – Ideal for drivers who travel internationally

Like Shell, BP have an excellent reputation which is likely to make them a popular choice with many businesses.

Shell fuel card

  • Founded – 1890
  • Based – UK

Shell is an incredibly well-known brand that offers UK businesses a range of fuel management options. With one of the largest networks of petrol and diesel stations in the country, Shell is a great choice for coverage.

Furthermore, the range of services and features it offers means you can feel safe in the knowledge that your business won’t be let down.

The main factor for differentiating which Shell fuel card you might be applicable for is price; Shell differentiates businesses based on whether they spend more or less than £2,500 each month on fuel.

Knowing this should help you to understand how suitable your business might be for this service. With its reputation and coverage considered, it’s clear that Shell could be an excellent choice for you. Plus, with its criteria based on expenditure, it’s easy to understand which card is best for your business.

How much do fuel cards cost?

It can be tempting to try to find the cheapest fuel card available, but this isn’t the most beneficial way to go about your search. Finding the best or most suitable fuel card for your business is infinitely more important than finding a low-budget option.

Just because of their function, fuel cards are all cheaper than the other options for fuelling your vehicles. One of the main purposes of a fuel card system is to reduce costs for your business. So, trying to find a cheap fuel card doesn’t make sense.

Of course, it’s possible to find fuel card providers with lower upfront or sign up fees, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll save money overall.

The level of discount that your business will receive from a fuel card will depend on various factors, so finding the most financially beneficial option is a process that requires you to do your research.

When comparing fuel card costs and benefits, some questions to consider include:

  • Are there any upfront costs?
  • Is there a fee to sign up?
  • What discounts are available?
  • How many sites can it be used at?

Also, think about if there any additional benefits available, such as vehicle rental or insurance, to help you choose the most cost-effective fuel card for your business.

In a nutshell

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best fuel cards available in the UK. We’ve also offered points to consider when making your selection, including costs and benefits.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • There are four top fuel card providers in the UK. These are: Allstar, Arval, BP and Shell
  • Fuel card costs vary but they all offer significant discounts
  • Other benefits they offer relate to fuel consumption, driver activity and payroll assistance

What are the next steps?

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