Can you ‘wing it’ when raising growth finance for your business? [VIDEO]

Funding - what’s important and can you grow a successful business without it? Our Birmingham Plusnet Pioneers discuss

If you have recently started a business, the chances are that everything is new and you feel like you’re “winging it”.

That’s why, together with business broadband and phone provider Plusnet, assembled an expert panel – the Plusnet Pioneers – for a free funding masterclass that took place in Birmingham in March 2017.

The panel discussion, chaired by, included the UK’s best loved brands and most successful start-ups, including entrepreneur investor and personal finance expert Sarah Willingham, CEO of GripIt Fixings and Dragons’ Den winner Jordan Daykin, founder and inventor of rapid mobile phone charger Petalite, Leigh Purnell, and CFO of the UK’s first online discretionary investment management company Nutmeg, Tracy Sambrook.

In this video, Leigh Purnell explains the importance of self presentation when seeking funding;

“Everything from the first moment you meet a person all the way until you sign the papers with your shareholding agreement; it’s image, it’s integrity, it’s how you present yourself. They want to make sure that you’ve got confidence and they can trust you with their money.”

“Don’t be afraid to knock on doors,” says Sarah Willingham, ” because other people have done what you’re trying to do and you can learn from them.  Surround yourself with great people. If you’re outside your comfort zone, which you should be on a number of occasions (and constantly pushing that), you’re always going to be winging it.”

For more of our Plusnet Pioneers’ insights, watch this video.

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