Smartphone-connected ‘little friends’ to help with every aspect of parenting

Founder: Tom Evans
Launched: November 2013

The vast majority of products targeted at new parents are staid and functional in nature: a pregnancy tester or baby monitor may do the job perfectly well, but it’s safe to say it isn’t going to win any design awards. Creative entrepreneur Tom Evans’ start-up BleepBleeps aims to change all that – integrating advanced tech with iconic design to create what may be the world’s first truly ‘cool’ range of parenting devices.

BleepBleeps are a range of quirkily-designed anthropomorphic ‘little guys’, designed to help with every aspect of the parenting experience, from getting pregnant and giving birth through to raising a toddler. Their blocky forms and distinctive colours stand in sharp contrast to the uninspired look of most other parenting and baby products on the market.

Each BleepBleep connects with the BleepBleeps smartphone app and sends status alerts and messages over the internet – its ‘Sammy Screamer’ alarm, for example, sends a distress message when the device is moved, so parents can be alerted when their child leaves its pram.

The global baby care product industry generates revenues of more than $7bn annually, and Cisco figures predict that there will be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2015 – with an extensive team of tech whiz-kids and product designers on board, BleepBleeps is well placed to take advantage of the potential offered by both sectors. 2014 will see the company begin selling its first devices in the UK, with expansion into other English-speaking markets planned.


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