Founders: Ambarish Mitra (pictured), Omar Tayeb, Jessica Butcher and Steve Spencer
Launched: May 2011

The rise of the smartphone is forcing advertisers to find new ways to reach out to consumers through mobile devices. Blippar co-founders Ambarish Mitra, Omar Tayeb, Jessica Butcher and Steve Spencer believe they’ve cracked it. And, having already produced campaigns for global brands such as Tesco, Guinness, Samsung, Cadbury, Mercedes and Pepsico, it seems they’re onto something.

Blippar is a mobile application which uses the built-in camera in a smartphone or tablet to create virtual content, or “augmented reality”, when pointed at an image, which some commentators have already hailed as the future of advertising.

Hovering a mobile device over an image, be it a newspaper ad or billboard (signposted by the Blippar logo) will unlock additional 3D content on the user’s device, which could include anything from deals to recipes – all achieved through image recognition technology.

With a pipeline of exciting new contracts already in the bag for 2012, Blippar is aiming to become the go-to lens through which marketing messages are viewed in the future.


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