Blog baking techniques – creating a successful blog for your business

How a good post will always rise to the top, with the right ingredients

Yes that’s right, blog baking techniques. Producing a good blog that both entertains and informs your readers is just like baking the perfect cake. Well kind of.

Preparation is key

Creating a “blog topic spreadsheet” is a great way to organise posts and prevent the dreaded blogger’s block. Simply write down every product you sell and every feature of your site. Then next to each of these write down every single question a visitor to your site could have about that particular area. Set the spreadsheet aside until you or your blogging team are in a creative rut, you’ll be surprised by the volume of potential blog posts.

Get the right consistency

How many times have you visited a website, clicked on the blog button only to find an eight month old blog? It’s the online equivalent of picking up an old newspaper. If you are going to write a blog for your website, and we highly recommend that you do, it’s got to be consistent. Sporadic posting will only frustrate your visitors. If you can’t post every day, pick a day (or days) and stick to a schedule. This way your visitors will know when to check for blog updates.

Mix it up

Blogging is a great way to convey the personality of your business, so don’t churn out the same old stuff day after day. Vary the type of blogs that you produce by categorising them; posts about your products, posts about your industry, posts about your personnel and posts about your local area. A good mix will keeps things interesting

Spread it

Having multiple writers is a great way to add variety to your posts. If you have just one blogger, posts can stagnate, especially if you want to blog regularly. Using a number of people within your team to blog provides your site with diversity and lightens the workload. The happier your bloggers, the more likely they are to provide original, fresh and informative copy.


Don’t wait for visitors to come to your site and hope that they choose to read your blog, be sure you’re sharing your blogs effectively. Share them via your Twitter thread, post tasters on your business Facebook Page, share with your contacts on Linked In via an update, search forums for questions that your blogs can answer, check out other blogs to see if there’s opportunity for you to ‘guest post’ a blog.  If people like what they are reading, they’ll soon actively seek out your blog. And remember, it’s not just about you and your business. Find some blogs that you find interesting, then comment on them too and share via your social media channels. You’ll find that the more you give, the more you get back.

Michelle Carvill is one of the social media trainers at Business Training Made Simple – a training organisation committed to delivering highly professional yet affordable business training solutions for start-ups and small businesses.


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