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Great product ideas (and the start-ups behind them)

Startups uncovers emerging product businesses in the UK. From business inspiration to advice, this is what it takes to run a successful product start-up

There’s no denying products have the ability to transform our everyday lives.

Who today would leave their home without their smartphone? How many meals have you made in your microwave? And just take a look at this year’s tech trends to see the innovative products (smart luggage, pollution-protection gear, and ‘hearables') that will be shaping our futures.

Over the last few years, we've seen an array of innovative and exciting new product businesses that are forming or breaking into populated markets and taking on the competition while stretching our imaginations.

These great start-ups, while not failing to capture our attention, sometimes lose out to lucrative financial and technology companies for investment and award recognition. Which is why – along with the fact that all of these products could make great gifts – we decided to profile some of the best product start-ups in the UK right now.

An assortment of cocktail confectionary, personalised and flavoursome fortune cookies, potentially life-saving body creams, and backpacks that turn a regular school trip into a space adventure make our list.

We spoke to the makers behind these awesome products to ask where their ideas blossomed from, what key challenges product entrepreneurs face – from battling for IP to obtaining funding – and to ask their advice for any wannabe business owners thinking of launching their own product businesses.

And although all the companies mentioned come from a variety of different industries and backgrounds, they're all pursuing important end goals– from teaching people to be creative with technology, to educating children through imagination – that will enrich people’s lives and make their start-ups a profit in the process.

Whether you’re looking to gain some general start-up insight and advice, inspiration for a product you’re thinking of creating or you just want to check out some of the best new UK products around right now – we’ve got something for you.

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