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Healthy food business: MOJU

Determined to ‘ban the boil’, MOJU is to cold-pressed juice what Innocent Drinks is to smoothies. Find out why this raw juice start-up is on the rise

Mission statement: Let’s get #stupidlyhealthy
One-line elevator pitch:100% raw cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices with at least four portions of fruit and veg per bottle
Stocked with: Harrods, As Nature Intended, local London health food shops and delis, and available to purchase online for office and home delivery.

The story

Determined to ‘ban the boil’, MOJU's cold-pressed juice range is the brainchild of founders Charlie Lee-Cook and Rich Goldsmith. Already big fans of home-juicing, the London-based entrepreneurs decided to quit their corporate jobs to “make tastier and healthier juices available to everyone” and launched MOJU in November 2015. Free from additives and 100% natural, the pair claim their drinks pack at least four portions of fruit and vegetables into each bottle with more vegetables than “sugary fruit”. Drinks include ‘The Orange Juice without the orange’ (carrots, red pepper, ginger and lemon) and ‘The Purple Juice’ (root vegetables, apple and cucumber.) What’s more, the start-up uses eco-friendly sheep wool packaging to insulate its drinks.

Why MOJU makes our list:

With its fun, quirky branding with messages such as ‘give kale a chance’ and ‘couples that juice together, stay together’, we predict that MOJU could quickly become the Innocent Drinks of the cold-pressed world. MOJU has taken a niche product for the health conscious into the mainstream and the public have given the business their vote; its recent Old Street pop-up shop saw it completely sell out of drinks.

What the critics say:

“MOJU is your go-to anti-cold boost” – Stylist

“MOJU are great. The team loved them” – Men's Health


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