Blottr raises £400,000 to focus on Newspoint service

Investment marks change of focus for 'citizen journalist' website

Blottr, the UK-based news website which allows users to submit their own content, announced this week it has raised £400,000 to help scale its new venture, content syndication service Newspoint.

Launched in December 2010, Newspoint claims to be able to offer editors authentic footage from breaking stories around the world submitted through the Blottr service. The company claim they have developed software to automatically verify footage almost instantly, giving editors using the site a competitive advantage over traditional news outlets.

Editors pay a monthly fee to use the Newspoint site, which already contains the full archive of content submitted to Blottr. The investment will allow Blottr to expand Newspoint internationally, with the company opening new offices in New York and Australia and hiring new staff.

Adam Baker, founder of Blottr, commented: “Until late 2012 the company had been focused on developing its authentication technology and global contributor network, which today represents the world’s largest independent collective of contributors. Blottr have used this network, and its ability to fully verify content in almost real-time, to surface footage others simply aren’t getting access to.

“The launch of NewsPoint is a significant strategic move for the company, as we focus less on broadcasting content via our own media channels and much more on working with editors and newsrooms to provide them with raw, compelling, unseen footage they can use to build a story around.”


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