Blue Dot

The Nectar scheme of the charity world, rewarding charitable donations and support with exclusive gifts and experiences

Founder: Chris Ward
Launched: October 2011

Inspired by the disparity between consumer spending and charity donations, Blue Dot has created a new digital currency which rewards and recognises people for doing good things.

The Facebook-integrated platform allows users to collect ‘Dots’ for volunteering, donating or spreading the word of their favourite causes, which they can then use to access exclusive products and experiences provided by celebrities, such as signed CDs or tickets to sold-out gigs.

Blue Dots can also boost users’ career credentials, by adding them to their ‘Good Account’ CV, and there are plans to integrate the concept with LinkedIn next year. Additionally, Dots can be redeemed on once-in-a-lifetime job opportunities, such as working at Yahoo! for a day.

Founded by the former creative director of Comic Relief – who also led the 1GOAL: Education for All campaign during the 2010 FIFA World Cup (raising £400m) – Blue Dot already has the support of Noel Gallagher and Coldplay, who have offered exclusive gig tickets to fans that have Dots.


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