Bluestone holiday village gain £4m

The company’s ‘unique green village’ is aimed at the ‘high value, high growth’ short break market and is believed to be worth £110m.

The Bluestone investment is Finance Wales’ largest ever completion, three times larger than any other deal it has concluded.

The investment sits alongside equity funding from Mansford, and a package of senior debt and working capital facilities/bank funding from the Bank of Scotland Corporate.

It is also appears that the deal be good news for Pembrokeshire as Bluestone is expected to provide £32m into the local economy annually.

Peter Wright, Finance Wales’ investment director, said: “This significant investment moves Finance Wales away from its traditional focus on investments up to £1m and is a real demonstration of its credibility in delivering innovative funding solutions.

“With a new Board and a recently announced new £30million fund, we are now well placed to play a part in larger investments.”

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