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bOnline Business Broadband Review

bOnline offers low prices, stellar customer service, and a range of speeds. Read on to discover whether it’s the right choice for your business broadband.

Whether you’re selling doughnuts, dining furniture, or dehumidifiers, to succeed as a business in 2019, you need a fast, reliable internet connection. While it doesn’t have the same profile as some of the bigger players in the market, bOnline has rapidly built up a dedicated following of small business users, who love its high speeds, dedicated customer service, and value for money. Here, we take a closer look at its packages, prices, and service, to help you decide if bOnline business broadband is right for your startup.

What business broadband packages does bOnline offer?

bOnline offers three different broadband packages, with the only difference being the speed of the service and the monthly cost. All packages require signing a 12-month contract, come with a free wireless router and free installation, and include line rental, a free branded domain, and two free branded business email addresses. Moreover, all speeds stated are symmetrical, meaning that the download speed is matched by the upload speed – a real boon for businesses that use lots of data. The prices stated are the standard monthly costs, but introductory discounts are available for new customers – make sure you check online for details on these.

Unlimited Business Broadband

This is bOnline’s base package and pretty much does exactly what it says, offering unlimited business broadband for £19.95 per month. Broadband speeds are up to 18mbps (depending on location), making this a good option for small businesses with moderate data needs that just want to get a few computers online.

Unlimited Business Fibre 38

This package uses fibre optic cables for broadband speeds of up to 38mbps (depending on location), and costs £27.95 a month. With its higher speeds, this package is suited to growing businesses who want to make sure they have enough bandwidth to prosper.

Unlimited Business Fibre 76

This is bOnline’s top package, with broadband speeds of up to 76mbps (depending on location) and a cost of £29.95 a month. This is only slightly more than the 38 package, and if you can stretch to it, it really is worth it.  You’ll benefit from much higher speeds, and a service that will be better able to handle the growth of your business.

bOnline Broadband Price Guarantee

bOnline is really rather confident in its broadband prices. In fact, it’s so confident that it offers a price match guarantee. Spot a cheaper business broadband price and they’ll match it, so you can be 100% confident that you’re always getting a great deal.

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bOnline Customer Service

Simply put, bOnline’s customer service is second to none, and this is a key reason why it’s the ideal broadband provider for so many small businesses in the UK. Search for “bOnline reviews”, and you’ll quickly find thousands of testimonials extolling the virtues of the company’s tireless customer service team.

Overall, bOnline has a 4.6 out of 5 Excellent rating on Trustpilot – a hugely impressive rating, given it’s been reviewed over 3,500 times. Whether you’ve got technical problems, billing queries, or need more info on your service, you can be assured you’ll be in excellent hands. bOnline also offers a callback service so you won’t lose time waiting on hold, and a mobile app that allows you to access invoices, make payments, and get live chat support on the go. All this adds up to great support for your small business.

Need to know

A quick look at the small print shows that bOnline charges £9.95 for delivering and configuring your new router – a modest amount that shouldn’t have a significant impact on your business. Also, as with all business broadband providers, if a new phone line needs to be installed at your place of business, that will mean an additional charge.

What other services does bOnline offer for my small business?

As well as low-cost, high-speed business broadband, bOnline offer three other essential services for small businesses – web design, VoIP calls, and SEO/Google ads management.

We take a closer look at each of these below:

  • Web design – bOnline’s web design services start at a flat fee of £495, and give you a dedicated, certified web designer who will create a professional, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimised website.
  • VoIP calls – bOnline offer a number of different VoIP packages, depending on how many call minutes you need. These packages start at £9 per seat per month, and also include low-cost international calls.
  • SEO/Google ads management – To help you climb the search rankings and drive site traffic, bOnline has local, regional, and national SEO packages. These are priced at £95 per month, £195 per month, and £295 per month respectively, and come with a dedicated account manager, monthly reports, and support from a team of small business specialists.

Combine a number of bOnline’s services and you’ll not only benefit from having your resources in one place, but also enjoy significant cost savings.


bOnline broadband is a great choice for your small business. The company provides a range of low-cost options backed by a price guarantee, exemplary customer service, and years of experience dealing with small businesses across the UK. As your business grows, you may need to eventually move on to a larger provider, but the range of services offered by bOnline makes it the perfect partner for any business in its early stages or that has a limited focus.

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Alec Hawley
Alec Hawley

Alec is Startups’ resident expert on mobiles, investment, and politics. Before joining, he worked in the media for over a decade, conducting media analysis at Kantar Media and YouGov, writing for computer games sites like Gaming Respawn and Gamespew, and taking on a wide variety of freelance roles. 

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