Booking software platform BookingLive bags £500,000

Company plans to use funding to launch a freemium model of its platform, which will collect a commission from every customer booking

BookingLive, the cloud-based booking software provider featured in Tech Pitch in 2015, has raised £500,000 in new funding from The Summit Group and Creative England.

Founded by Vinnie Morgan in 2009, BookingLive is a provider of booking software to major clients including Greene King, Sky, Arla, the NHS, Hampshire County Council, Warrington Borough Council, and Transport for London.

The new freemium platform collects a commission from the customer booking on every ticket sold. Booking Live has ambitions to offer a free version of the product that would be accessible to organisations of any size.

The funding will be invested in helping this goal become a reality by the third quarter of 2017 at the earliest, while the company will continue to provide its current software to larger companies and public sector organisations.

Morgan commented: “The freemium product will not be exactly the same as the enterprise product, but it will not simply be a stripped down version either. It will be a tailored fit with a huge focus on an intuitive mobile-first and an easy-to-use administration system.

“We remain committed to growing our successful enterprise-level business through innovation and great service. We will be using this success as a platform to extend our products to new markets.”


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